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In our business intelligence related works, we witnessed the challenges of paralysis experiences in the organizations as a result of possessing large amount of data but incapable of converting the data into key information required to support decision making.  

This phenomenon often not caused by lack of advanced business intelligence & data management technologies, or uncertainty of business requirements, BUT more often it is caused by the lack of expertise to deliver the business analytical needs by leveraging on the technology available.  

The paralysis is usually due to missing or ineffective link (or bridge) between the technology and business professionals to ensure the “end solution” does what it is intended to do.  

The “bridge” needs to have the unique competencies to achieve the synergy of 

  •     Technology
  •     Business Domain Knowledge
  •     Data Mining & Analysis Techniques


It is this very need in the BI industry that K-Navitas thrives to serve and excel. Our team of BI professionals are engaged and valued by organization as the “bridge wizard” of technology and business in BI related projects.  

We hold the principles of “simplicity and relevancy” in our design and implementation.  We deliver the “end solution” as if we will be using the solution at the end of the day, so every detail are deliberated and designed around the three (3) key principles of BI:

Link Information to Value and Performance Drivers


Get the Full Picture from Multiple Differing Perspectives


Validate New Insights

Our expertise covers end-to-end business intelligence and analytical infrastructure, namely:

  • Data Management & Integration
  • Data Governance and Quality Framework
  • Business Management Reporting and Dashboard
  • Focused business area analytic using techniques such as 
    • statistical analysis
    • predictive modelling
    • time series forecasting