About Us

K Navitas Sdn Bhd, was incorporated in 2009. We specialize in business intelligence (BI) services to help organizations to unlock their business opportunities and management of business risks by extracting insight from the valuable data collected within and outside the organizations. 

Our vision is to work with organizations to maximize their respective investment in business analytic tools, providing customized BI related consulting and implementation services to transform data into valuable knowledge that support decision making within the organization.

Our founders are BI professionals with sound domain knowledge in data visualization, data sense-making and interpretation.  We are practitioners in business intelligence discipline i.e. “Data-Knowledge Translation Works”. We understand what it takes to rise up to the challenges of “knowledge crunch”, which normally refers to paralysis experience in the organization as a result of possessing large amount of data but incapable of converting the data into key information required to support effective decision making.